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"The world is tight, and the mind is vast. They think they live easily next to each other, but things in the area painfully collide."

-6th century BC.-He was a slave, very clear and knew how to narrate beautifully.. Two frogs went to search for a new home as their swamp went dry. They found a well, and the first frog suggested to jump into it without thinking. The other replied, "What if this water is too dry, how will we go out?"

Nothing should be done lightly and swiftly; that our weakness must not be an excuse for doing business and that what we have once started, we must end; not measured by quantity but value, and quality is always more important than quantum."

It is devoted to women's everyday life, to women's past and present, to thinking about the future. For the lives we live but for which we can read a little, or otherwise discover, in public spaces, scientific institutions, mainstream media, all those The levels of power that determine, obstruct, organize, judge, advocate the daily life of women without having to ask women about it and maintain a system that prevents the exchange of …
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Understand,; Where the lifestyle lends itself to struggle for existence

I heard somewhere in Osijek once a week that some people came from people and sold them from pins to locomotives, since I was not from Osijek and only one day learned that I live in Sjenjak, I wonder if somebody can tell me where this "market "Be and when? tnx ...

A car driver, Sunday before noon, you go to the crash-stopping road and you see at one time a crowd of people and a car and everything to the left on the overpass at the bypass.

Maybe sometimes I look like this**, but this is not my picture, but imagination in human thought can be anything: I'm not puritanical but not a serious sinner, but do not put me in the context of a star planet or future starlet because the young girl is younger than me for at least 25 years.
I hope to stop you from painting that I do not paint and I do not publish such photographs, a little preoccupation and overwhelming for this painting exibition. Since morning is brighter than yesterday, it may be in a couple of shades but we will g…

Blockbusters of ambition through "talent agency" the scent of luxury and acquaintances with "exotic travels" to the world metropolis .... may be your ticket to the big leagues***

Self, Private, Public, Mediated Interaction, Social media, Impression Management, Backstage, Front Stage, Performance, Rituals.

In a very difficult time, a blow to the no-curse of circles, suddenly falling over the edge of life into an endlessly deep bush - no bottom, no end ... "in the bohemian mile
All of them grew up without love, attention, and understanding, followed by one
Inside the world, mankind instead of the future of the horn in the inhuman world in which people cannabally insensitively knock each other out of the naked existence from today to tomorrow, waiting for the inevitable evil: Everything that seems to be a scene, a play,
Spectacle, ready to sacrifice themselves for an effective, unexpected and paradoxical scene*.
#in the organization as theatre metaphor, extant dramaturgical perspectives limit the ability to account for aesthetic experiences in theatrical situations... Since there is a show business, there are also scams that are more than welcome in this bus…

All the benefits of the earthly life from the tree of knowledge Good and evil on the faces that have forgotten the hope

Is it at all probable that we know it? Apparently not the problem we come to know. We wonder if we come to know, will we know it safe and true? If we really know if we can tell it to others? Is it just my personal impressions? From the standpoint of modern science According to some judgments, the Bible could be considered as the first scientific textbook in human history, as it tries to explain the world around us and not just lay the rules for believers. The series of questions posed in the Book of Genesis are very modern questions, such as the origin of life and the beginning of good and evil. As the universe emerged, what is the meaning of sex and why we are older, questions have not changed, but the answers are. But there were before the Bible mystical works that were trying to explain the world, Genetics Intended for believers and unbelievers ...
The bearers of biological inheritance do not translate the human traits that have been acquired throughout life, while the inheritance …

Para-a moral Demode for better or for worse, sickness and in health until death do us part

Circulation of 5.6 million units sold in 1975, now down to about 800,000, and many of the magazine who followed him to this day have disappeared. Previous efforts to restore Playboy, never quite managed.
One of the most recognizable brands in the world...

scene "traditional sex" Scene / day if it comes to porn star 1500 - 2000 dollars.Scene "traditional sex" for actress considering a career in the average $ 300 per scene / day. Scene "extreme sex", depending on what is requested, the scene / day for an average actress from 1800 to 2500 dollars
what is the wage at McDonald's?

Food Preparation and Service
Average Salary
Salary Distribution Team Trainer
3,105 salaries reported$7.95 per hourMost  Reported$7.25
$17.25Fast Food Attendant
2,912 salaries reported$7.70 per hour$7.25
1,235 salaries reported$8.29 per hour$7.25
$17.25Swing Manager
589 salaries reported