a gift for singing and entertaining

“I'm not just an Italian guy singing Italian songs. It's important to give people the kind of music I am known for, but I also wanted to open myself up artistically and give them something else or rather something "more of me" that's why I want to present my passion for interpreting any great song-no matter if Italian, American or New".
                                                           Patrizio Franco Buanne
Italian-Austrian baritone singer, songwriter, and producer. Buanne began participating in talent contests at age 11. Several small musical productions and gigs with his self-formed rock and roll band and as a solo performer followed. When he was 17, a music industry manager proposed a performance at the occasion of the Papal visit in Wroclaw, Poland. The song, which was half in Italian, half in Polish, had been written for the opening mass, and with 85,000 people in attendance, the exposure led to his first local record deal Angelo di Dio (1997). When his father died of cancer that year and Buanne himself suffered a perforated ulcer, he said, "It was music and the goal to make my family proud that kept me alive and made me strong". At age 19, Buanne graduated from school in Vienna and moved back to Italy. He attended university in Rome to study languages, while looking for opportunities in the entertainment industry. He was a guest and entertainer on Italian television shows such as Momenti di Gloria, Domenica In and Libero. This led to a contract with the production company that produced shows for RAI and Mediaset.

Patricio Buanne Official the  brand new album Viva La Dolce Vita;Classical;Celebrate the best of romance,passion and emotion perfomed in patrizio Buanne's signature sentimetal style.