-Bloom girl-


Two seeds lay side by side in the fertile spring soil.

The first seed said: "I want to grow up!

I want to put down roots deep

in the earth beneath you and saplings ...
through earth's crust above me ...
I want to develop their tender buds
to announce the arrival of spring ...
I want to feel the warmth of the sun on
face and the blessing of the morning dew
on their petals "

And so this seed grew.

The other is the seed said, "I'm scared.

I let you down roots in the country

under me, I do not know what will I

wait in the dark. A break you

through the hard soil above me,

can damage your sensitive fry ...

What if I let my buds to

solutions, a snail tries to eat them?

In order to bloom, baby I would maybe

ripped from the ground. No.

It is much better to wait until you

it's safe. "

And so the second seed waited.

A hen that is poking at the early spring the earth for food,

found a seed that was waiting and immediately eaten.

Those who refuse to risk and grow ... swallowed life.