Cashmere Mafia1941.

Costume designer,fashion designer Astorian Queen ;Ugly Betty of Hope and Faith;Devils Prada,openly Lesbian a romantically involved with Spin City.


That is  Eponymou boutique My life on the D-list or episode of Paris Hilton's Me New BFF  or Oufits for the Characters in a Taiwan Material Queen.


Native Women and one of fashion's greatest Vosionaries-Know for Changin the way of Womens thinking-fashion landmark for nearly 50 years.Critical or praise work of Television glamur-true Pioneer entire fashion movement throughout the World;favorite of Celebrities in-the -know"scenesters" or cute name Cashmere Mafia."Principle of Patrica's work-the Albert Einstein Award for innovation,making acessoriess prominent and highly desired on the fashion scene.Spokeperson,original vision of Stylist and designer Patricia Field ,Contemporary Pop culture characters and big Influence on Fashion.