Decorate your world

If you'd like to develop certain quirky aspects of yourself, this section will provide some suggestions to help your exploration. For some people, "quirky" comes down to clothing and nothing else. Research older movies for particularly effective clothing styles - some examples: Breakfast At Tiffany's, Pretty In Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful, etc. or even go back to earlier eras from the 1920s to the 1960s. And don't be afraid to chop and change styles between eras and fashion houses. Whatever you want to evolve your fashion into is completely up to your own sense of style and preferences. Be very wary of any advice that takes the high road of what you can and cannot wear – always wonder where such advice heralds from and why that fashionista has such an agenda to push! •To find some awesome clothes, go to thrift stores, eBay, garage sales - wherever you can find them. Don't forget to check boxes in the attic.


•If you don't have much money or things just aren't looking the way you want them to, just DIY your own gear. For example, old pair of jeans can be shredded, shortened or bleached. Alter, alter, alter anything to turn out just how you want it. (Hint: a quirky person is usually better off knowing how to sew!)


•Learn to spruce up clothing. Things like beads, sequins, ribbons, badges and feathers to shoes, hats and bags. Decorate your world with anything! Whether it's old gumball wrappers, Superman stickers, old movie posters or just a strange collage, you can decorate or transform study books, bags, walls, pet food bowls, laptop lids, skateboards, household items, your car or scooter, and anything else to make it uniquely yours. View your life as living art and decorate this huge canvas every day of your existence.


Find an offbeat hobby that interests you. Quirky people are fond of doing things that mainstream folk will often dismiss as odd (remember to be positive and read "quirky" for odd, every time). So give in to your urge to follow hobbies or interests that others would view with disinterest or disbelief. Whether it's collecting old time television shows, tomato farming on a porch or balcony, listening to NPR, becoming an activist for some cause you believe in, writing a blog about webcomics, soapmaking, refurbishing junk computers – anything is the limit as long as it interests you and fulfills your sense of well being. Being passionate about something unusual is one thing that many quirky people have in common and often that passion can lead to amazing discoveries, create long-term value for others in the world, or result in creating long-lasting collections of things that nobody else ever thought to keep. If it's enjoyable, fulfilling and within your budget, go for it. •Avoid copycatting someone else's hobbies unless you're truly interested in that subject or activity. Extend yourself. Self discovery is a journey everyone needs to make, regardless of how they see themselves in the world. It is no different for a quirky person and by exploring your inner self, you will find greater contentment and learn more about who you truly are. Things you can do to start that process include yoga, writing in a diary, and volunteering to help others or other things. You'll feel a lot better about yourself!


Don't follow what everyone else is wearing. Do the exact opposite! Try buying quirky and different clothes that will make you stand out. Not every outfit you wear will look amazing. But its better to stand out than to blend in. And particularly bad outfits will get people talking making them more tuned into what you wear each day. Take risks. Make your life look flawless. If you are really upset about something act like you're not. People will wish they had your life and your closet.