family life and social status

Jewelry is a valuable object that is used for decoration and often artistically made of precious metals and gems. Items are usually worn on the human body and often of the female sex. Jewelry products mainly trades of jeweler or goldsmith, but it should be noted that most of the jewelry products industry today, and the jewelry is handcrafted just c...onstruction. In some families, the jewelry is inherited from generation to generation and thus makes a certain symbol of continuity and continuation of family life and social status. Jewelry is certainly one of the oldest forms of body decoration, recently found 100 000-year-old necklace of beads made from Nassarius shells. Sometimes jewelry serves as a display of wealth, but he still retained at least minimal functionality, such as holding the garment together or styling. From ancient times was considered a form of personal decoration. The first pieces of jewelery were made from natural materials, such as bones, teeth, animals, shells, wood and carved stones. Throughout history, some forms of decoration as a sign of membership in a particular social group. Exotic jewelry has always been intended for affluent people, because its rarity increasing its value. Because of the personal nature and labeling of social class, some cultures are the foundation of the tradition of burial of the dead with their jewelery. Jewelry is adorned practically every body part, from hair pins to rings to toe, and many other types of jewelry. While traditional jewelery is usually adorned with precious stones, and is made of precious metals, there is a greater increase in the demand for art jewelery where design and creative approach, and expressiveness valued more than high class and meticulous processing of the materials themselves. Let us add that there is a cheaper fashion jewelry, made of cheaper materials, and are often mass produced. Other variations on the theme include jewelry as a wire sculpture, where we use all kinds of materials, from plain wire, pieces of stones, to precious metals and precious stones.