how 'dark', downbeat and black ...

Guns, dames and hats...Film noir -literally "black film" in French- is the name for the Crime Hollywood black-and-white films from the 1940s and 1950s. Name is caused by overuse or lack of, film lighting, which achieved darker, more pessimistic mood.

Film noir is usually taken in the city, at night, and usually takes place in nightclubs, bars, casinos and cheap hotels. Scenes in the film have a lot of shadows, which are sometimes so exaggerated and stylized to look almost comic.

The characters in the film noir are mostly motivated by greed, jealousy or revenge. The main character mostly private detective or police officer, who investigates crimes such as murder, robbery, gambling, prostitution, extortion and so on. The characteristic of the main character is that he and "bad", it is often torn by remorse, and some of its actions (threats, lies) is no different from the criminals prosecuted.

   Also characteristic is the emergence of a "femme fatale", Femme Bond, which is sometimes a key motivator of the main character. Often, the film follows the narrative of the main character, which contributes to a dark and depressing atmosphere, because it is full of cynicism, cold or depressed. Hereby, the author of film noir in the viewer creates a sense of unease, because the viewer unconsciously identifies with the main character and questions his motives, feelings and actions. Film noir is largely similar to the classic tragedies, because the main characters often are facing impossible choices (choose "less of two evils") and their decisions unwanted water, tragic end.
Drama in verse, in which the hero killed in conflict with the moral law or about the unfortunate fate striving for ideals. The heroes of tragedy are great at the goals you set yourself. Viewers are inspired by the examples of their struggle and dedicated behavior