"last living bodgie" cult of Rocker

"Troublemakers and street fighters"- identified heavily with the look, style and rock n roll

Footwear common to Australian rockers included black ripple-soled suede shoes and black boots. Many rockers wore RM Williams leather elastic-sided square-toed boots, and some wore pointed shoes. Alternatives included ankle-high work boots (often steel capped), Adidas Officials (a black leather trainer/sneaker) and the Ciak casual shoe (usually black).

The common look was slicked back or coiffed into a quiff, using Brylcreem or another hair cream. Some styled their hair into what were known as racks, hair curled into two waves meeting at a point at the forehead, but always slicked back on the sides.The Elvis look was extremely predominant in Rocker culture. Headgear, if worn, was typically a black knitted beanie (US name: watch cap, Canadian name: tuque).

Tattoos, including bum tatts (amateur tattoos), were common among Australian rockers. Harder rockers often had small red stars with black/blue outlines tattooed on their faces (usually cheeks) and ears. These tattooed stars were known as rocker stars.

The Young people who dressed in "strange",new clothing(previosly seen only characters in movies),who Jive dance to laud music,and who seemed to spurn the values  of they parents generation,triggered  a wave of moral panic in Australian society and sparked hyperbolic newspaper headlines and even harsher crackdown  by police-ebrase them thay played out as battle resisted by influences Popular culture and consumerism between the generations.The Young Ones-originaly meaning"fake,false;inferior;worthles"the term bodgie and widgie a male and female Youth distinguished by his comformity to certain Fashion and  conterpart behaviours.