L'Espresso for Ariana

Italian fashion writer and style icon Anna Piaggi Maria born in Milan,worked as translater for italian publishing company Mondadori,wrote for a fashion magazine as the italian edition Vogue and avan garde magasine Vanity,her artistic flair was given free expression in a montage of image and text.


Piaggi had a large chlotes collection,including 2,865 dresses and 265 pair of shoes.unique dressed in exuberant eclectic way never appearing in the same oufit more than once in public;know for her  an Flambayant fashion sense ,penchant for blue hair and eccentric oufits-always accessorised with a walking cane;friend with fashions doyenn'es and collaborators with mastercreations.


She played Muse-like"trance",moment an expression,philosophy of fashion humors,jokes and game with own rules.
She dream of superficial theory of queenship and new type of Women,always with style and power.

Jones said Piaggi was not only his muse;she was also"a talisman for all those around the world who belive that fashion is a way of life and that freedom of expression should manifest inself in what we wear".