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Eng. Brussels sprouts
Brussels sprouts is a dwarf kale. Small heads of cabbage are several centimeters in diameter. You eat only cooked, but he does not need a long cooking that it does not deform. Most often served as a side dish topped with butter, bechamel sauce in or au gratin. It is easier to digest and is more acceptable organoleptic and chemical composition is approximately equal to the cash, a good source of vitamin C, folic acid and potassium as well as other family members brassicas has properties which can inhibit tumor growth.

This is one version of the fast food; the rest are not fried Brussels sprouts can also be used in a different way depending on the preference and time host and hostess: what we have done; we took urgent chopped bacon well fried in pan; before that we have beaten one egg, salted and it infiltrated and mixed cooked Brussels sprouts, egg and cabbage get to the hot pan and only a few moments for stir and we have an excellent main course when we are in a hurry or tired, of course, all of this we add salt as needed and pepper, we want you to enjoy your meal.