Never,Ever Change your 'DO

Being "quirky" isn't simply a fashion statement. It's a way of being, always catching people who are unaware with your unpredictability and thrilling them with your expression of your ever-present wonder about the world and its people. Developing a quirky personality and interests should come naturally to you; quirkiness isn't something you can force but if you already lean towards seeing life differently than others around you and you're keen to celebrate this, you're already alert to your quirkiness and it may simply be that you need more confidence in bringing out this side of yourself.








Increasing your quirkiness requires a more intense focus on your more unique qualities and finding ways to let these shine even if you've felt a tad shy about doing so before

Realize what your definition of "quirky" is. This article assumes at the very least that quirky is about being an offbeat and unexpected individual who knows where they stand in the world. Basically, quirkiness is focused on celebrating your own unique perspective of the world, not bothering to be caught up in any trends, fads or mass media messaging about "types" where none of these approaches to living gel with who you are. Being determined to show the world who you are and what you stand for without getting rattled by detractors (and there will always be detractors) is a major part of being quirky, as is breaking the trend rules. •Note that a number of alternative cultures like hipsters, punks or beatniks, etc. could be considered quirky. That's probably accurate but you don't need to lump yourself into any alternative grouping to be quirky. You can even start your own style of quirky. Quirky people often stand well alone of even the ironic attempts of alternative groups to be different while all being the same. Don't go changing to try to please anyone. A quirky person will undoubtedly attract attention and some of it unwanted, some of it unkind. Develop a backbone early on and realize that there will always be those in this world who see difference and strength to stand apart from the crowd as threatening. Remember that those who complain or tease the loudest have the least sense of self and have the greatest propensity to conform to the crowd and to ideas of what they "ought to be doing" instead of following the beat of their own drum. Is that for you? Not if you want to be quirky and celebrate all that is uniquely you! So don't let them get you down and definitely don't change yourself for them – a conforming quirky person is like being half alive.