polite small talk

. Live large. Give free rein to your quirkiness and develop the unique elements about your life that matter most to you. Quirkiness cannot be slavishly listed in an article – it is what it is to you personally. It may or may not involve things that another person treats as quirky – after all, you don't want to end up ironically "conforming" to an ideal of quirkiness! Be prepared to reveal to the world those sides of yourself that don't necessarily sit easily with current trends and expectations, whether this is your fashion style, your music taste, your political views, your opinions in general, your lifestyle, your hobbies and other interests, and even your relationships. • Speak your mind. Provided you're articulate, considerate and respectful of human dignity, speaking your mind is an important part of being quirky. It may shock some people to hear things put bluntly and truthfully but a quirky person doesn't mince words – a quirky person says things as they see them.


•Get used to articulating controversial topics clearly. If you believe something many other people don't, you'll need facts, good clarity and a determination to explain well in order to get your points across. Avoid badgering, yelling, or forcing your opinions onto others; simply be very well researched, factually based and persistent to get across your alternative points.

•Observe the mainstream without allowing it to upset you. This can be a difficult challenge for  personalities who often want to run from mainstream things but a little knowledge goes a long way to holding polite small talk and knowing what you don't want to be a part of! And be aware that getting too upset about the mainstream is being upset about something you can't control and therefore will deplete your energies. Instead, accept that the existence of the mainstream is what fosters your quirkiness and allows you to be so obviously differentEnjoy time alone and don't be afraid to be single when everyone else is coupled up. It isn't a race to be part of another person's life and it isn't a necessity. Quirky people often need time to develop trusted close connections with a few quality people as they need to know that these people will back them when times are tough. Quirky people aren't fond of fair-weather friends and won't tolerate people who are duplicitous by nature. Look for straightforward, straight talking, honest and caring people to be a part of your friendship and romantic circles. •Learn to enjoy solitude if you don't already. Social messages tend to be down on solitude, insinuating that those who like it must be odd or lonely. The truth is that everyone needs a little solitude now and then, and some need it more than others, to reflect, contemplate, think through the greater meaning of your life and to simply sort out the issues of everyday living. Champion solitude by helping others to understand its worth and don't soak up the negative messaging about it. Love other quirky people and quirky things. Be supportive of others' quirkiness and help them to see the value of their quirky natures. And look for the quirky things in life, such as a quirky cottage to live in, quirky garden plants, a quirky car to drive and a quirky pet by your side. Live your quirky and spread the quirky love!