The Big blue

This I am 4.5 years ago I cooked in a restaurant on the blue Adriatic Sea, and the octopus, oysters, mussels, date shells.
The blue lobster;Lobster (lat. Homarus gammarus) is a cancer of Guinea fowls of the family Nephropidae. It is also known as laptop, Charles, lobster, njakar, Humer and ralog. The notion of lobster is of Slavic origin, meaning "heavy guy who pulls legs." He really pulls flat t...ongs at the bottom of the sea proizvedeći pushing characteristic zvuk.Ovaj cancer is black, covered with lots of blue and red spots. You can rarely find a completely red or blue birds. Oblong in shape, hard shell and fan-shaped tail. Plier his extremely large which cuts and crushes its prey. Weight is up to 9 kg, a length of about 1 m.

He lives on the shores of the eastern Atlantic, about Azurskog Islands and Morocco. It can be found in the western Mediterranean along Crete, and in parts of the Black Sea. The Adriatic Sea is quite prevalent, even in the colder northern part, on the Istrian coast of Rovinj.

This is extremely territorial cancer. Most often live under rocks, under which the excavation hole. During a full moon, coming out of the holes and moving across the seabed. It feeds on the remains of fish, worms, small shellfish and meduza.Mrijesti during the winter, depending on water temperature, where the females incubate the eggs know even up to 10 months. When breeding female sheds its old shell and is undergoing a process called. moulting. The development of the larvae takes place in four stages, and after the final stage, the young lobsters live buried in the seabed about 2 years and then go in search of rocky terrain.

Because of the highly prized meat and its high cost, is a very popular breeding lobsters. The meat is very similar to lobster meat. The famous experiments on lobster began in the late 19th century and in Europe and North America.

Despite the promising results, cultivation is associated with many problems, where we can count for too long a period required to achieve a certain size commercial size. There is no great loss of eggs due to stress sensitivity during the process of moulting and cannibalism.

One of the most delicious and interesting dishes of this cancer is the lobster prepared on the grill. So go ahead.