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omicevic svjetlana 2015.

"Do you have a philosophy? And if you have, how it is? "
"I have no philosophy as such. Maybe a guiding theme,  "The man who can master his mind that belonging to him his soul"

I rushed through wide glass door and suddenly found itself on the searing Purifying, moist air.  I lifted my face to the cold,refreshing rain. I closed her eyes and took a deep breath trying to regain what little composure as I have left.

No man had no effect on me as a Christian Grey,and I can not understand why.
Because of his looks?Politeness?
Wealth? Power? I do not understand the irirrational reaction.
I took a deep breath of relief. What I was, for God's sake?

I leaned on a steel post building and heroically tried to calm down and collect his thoughts.  I shook my head. What is it any?
50 shades of Gray-book that has swept the world, the room of pleasure & pain;Room contract sensuality and passion servitude.Christian's "subordinate" the girl does not want to do it all ...Erotic Trilogy shy students; scientific fantasy controversial man-stylization scene hot touch perfect forbidden erotica for women and men around the world."After mutual orgasm that followed is not even a minute after that, otherwise her first penetration in life, she is blessed to sleep, and he went on to score the moonlight playing the piano on the terrace of her castle. But that's not all!