What? No microphones?!

this is my visible world moving my hands; my tongue like the art style, letter stroke of the brush, burning ideas, ink my artwork, my clue as my food and umbilical cord.


Metaphors shape   our communication,  also shape the way we think and act, uses one idea and links it to another to better understand something. For example, the conceptual metaphor of viewing:the gaining of knowledge is a stepping stone to achieving the more immediate goal of guiding behavior in response to the system's changing surroundings.





What the 'Music Tells Us#
And how do I live? I live!
In happy poverty
I squander, like a great lord,
rhymes and love songs.
With my hopes and dreams,
and castles in the air,
I’m a millionaire of the spirit.
But sometimes I’m robbed,
all my jewels are stolen
by two thieves: a pair of lovely eyes.

Sopranos have the highest voices. They usually play the heroines of an opera. This means they have lots of show-off arias to sing, and get to fall in love and / or die more often than other female voice types.
Mezzo-soprano, or mezzo: This is the middle female voice, and has a darker,warmer sound than the soprano. Mezzos spend a lot of their time playing mothers and villainesses, although sometimes they get to play seductive heroines. Mezzos also play young men on occasion – these are called trouser roles, for obvious reasons.

Contralto, or alto:
The lowest female voice. Contralto is a rare voice type.Altos usually portray older females or character parts like witches and old gypsies.
Baritone: The middle male voice. In comic opera, the baritone is often the ringleader of whatever naughtiness is going on, but in tragic opera, he’s more likely to play the villain.
If there are no counter tenors on stage, then the highest male voice in  opera is tenor. Tenors are usually the heros who get the girl or die horribly in the attempt.
Bass: The lowest male voice. Low voices usually suggest age and wisdom in serious opera, and basses usually play Kings, fathers, and grandfathers. In comic opera basses often portray old characters that are foolish or laughable.


I’m always called Mimi

but my name is Lucia.

My story is simple. I work at home, or somewhere else,

I embroider silk and satin.

I’m content with my life to amuse myself, I make lilies and roses.

I love every one of those things

that have a sweet magic that talk to me of love, of springtime

that talk to me of hopes and visions,

those things they call poetry...

Do you know what I mean?