-wise addition-

One lived a wealthy diamond merchant . But he was not the only retailer . He was a wise addition .
One day he was sitting with his friends , when his servant brought the bad news that he was missing a very high class diamond . Hearing this , the trader closes his eyes for a moment , and then murmured : " Wonderful! Truly wonderful! "

Pass an hour and a servant to him a tip tidings : diamond was found . Trader closed his eyes again , the moment sank into silence , and said, "... Great ! Truly wonderful! "
Unable to understand the merchant's behavior , one to his friend asked, " Explain to me why you used the same words and in the loss , with the gain ? What is the secret of such rapture? " Merchant he calmly replied : " I appreciate the tranquility and serenity of his mind more than diamonds . I am a seeker of the inexhaustible treasures of spiritual virtue . When I was told that the high class diamond disappeared , I looked within myself that I would see if my mind is upset and lose their precious balance and peace earns something so ephemeral as a thing called a diamond . And I discovered that my mind did not lose your peace and your balance . So I said, " Great ! Truly wonderful! " And when the servant told me that the diamond was found , again, I looked at myself that I would see if my mind now delight , lost his balance and composure due to emergent events . And I discovered that my mind is more worried about internal spiritual treasures , but they deal with material object , such as a diamond . That's why I said, " Great ! Truly wonderful!