a visual language

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While the literature is expressed through words, music by sound, dance movement, visual arts is expressed shapes (line, color and volume). Shape - character, hence the art and name. They have a different name - the plastic arts (highlights tangibility of these arts), and yet they are called and spatial arts (emphasizing that the visual arts are expressed in space, as opposed to eg. Music which is expressed in time). Therefore, look at the artistic sense means the same as in the literary sense means - read.
Drawing is a graphical representation of forms on a surface. In a broader sense, picture or appearance, made by graphic means line, mark, stain, point. The combination of clean lines, connecting the lines and stains, contrast black and white, light and shadow effect is achieved linearity and plasticity (three-dimensional) drawings. Drawing is a way of expression that is older than the written word. The techniques used in the creation of drawings called drawing techniques ..