Magical  Mannequin

latest work, last night created the idea and sketch; my paintings from my portfolio     

Traditions masks are common in spring and autumn (winter, spring); once with magical purpose, today mainly with socio-critical or entertainment purpose in the carnival processions. Sacral origin are also in the ancient Greek and Chinese theater, commedia dell'arte and no. In contemporary theater expressive acting and stylistic means.

The Croatian folklore (carnival), masks are suitable (grotesque) facepiece, as a component of the entire disguised character or as a stand-alone prop worn in the hands; most commonly in the human or animal form of wood, leather, textiles, furs, paper, straw, etc .; but in the old rituals to encourage vegetation (green Juraj, dodole) as disposable masks in the form of woven leather made of branches.
Mask (German over Latin Mascus, masca = spirit) or a cover-up, masks, masks covered the face, head or whole body; first used in hunting cult of ancient societies (and as camouflage); also to protect the cult meeting with the deity (working rite of circumcision or fertility) and for displaying deities. In many non-European companies with low technology as well as in European folk traditions are common in the so-called;  Alliances ("secret society").

 Time is what prevents the history happen immediately; Time is the speed at which generated the past. The film team lost worlds briefly to the resurrection.