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Illustration of a drawing or painting that interprets, supplemented or urešava some text; reflects the style and taste of the time and manner of the author. Dokumentarističkoj illustration is the goal as faithfully display an object or event, and a lot of the meaning was before the invention of photography. The children's book illustration can prevail over the text or completely replace (picture).

In a catalog description, illustration is the common name for drawings, notes, pictures and other graphic works if occurring together.

ink and pen in my hand; some of my latest art work -unfinished

The illustration is a very old art form, and appears as a religious scenes on papyrus in ancient Egypt. In Europe, the oldest Roman artwork from the 6th century., And in medieval codices began as the initial imaging words and (initial), and later they filled the whole page miniatures books adorned with tempera and gilding. In addition to the Christian, there are numerous examples of illuminated manuscripts in Islam and other religions, with the difference in motives, views, ornaments and technique.

At the present time, as opposed to children's literature, illustrations rarely decorate books for adults, with the exception of their covers. On the one hand these are illustrators get a great freedom in the choice of technique and style and created works of art. On the other hand, the market has become very limited, even in and today's world of advertising. Today is widely used to illustrate photos and computer technology.

There are the most diverse techniques: watercolor, tempera, acrylic, pencil, chalk, pastel, engraving, etc., all known painting techniques except the art of painting with oil paints (because it requires long-term drying); as well as the school: Italian, French, Japanese, English, Japanese, American and so on. The substrates are also varied and are linked with the selected technique: paper, cardboard, wood, cloth, and other materials that receive color ..