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Polymer clay is generally used for making arts and craft items, and is also used in commercial applications to make decorative parts


-one of the specific materials that still discovering and trying new use in shaping my ideas.
A designated person first sketch and make a work plan and select the amount of material "I'm not really one of these persons.
Why, every person is special in itself so; I'm a little different; I want to create a first-hand a certain piece of jewelry, but women's brains ..which made today, on Friday we went shopping or a minimum of material, normally can not sit in store and tell the seller to wait an hour until I see that the material suits me to work.
From my simplicity complications, wire, foil, clay ..

  Polymer clay began in my arms crumble-frustration-it was had better days.

The amount of polymer clay-if I'll have enough to finish "work" ... barely ..
after forming and firing; design went in;) &
Yes of course-from a single piece we got two, not 'is not meant to be.
What we had to do-connect and different shape, we have added beads hematite-(missing lacking detail, effect, color)