Merluccius merluccius / hake

Hake boiled in clear soup
from my kitchen

Fine, light, clear soup is a great starter fish lunch. The secret of the rich taste is the cornerstone. The longer you cook, soup will be tastier as well as any other soup even this will not hurt if you add her korijnasto vegetables of your choice. In the finished soup, you can add a few drops of olive oil and finely chopped parsley, to make this delicious soup won the final of the Mediterranean splendor.
When the water boils fish is cooked very briefly, about 5 minutes, until the meat begins to slowly fall off the bone.
  If it is boiled fish then it is important to cook as short as possible but with fish broth soup is essential so that the fish can and a bit longer to cook.

When it is almost the pot is removed from the fire and from the soup is opezno pull the fish on a plate. The new pot is removed boiled potatoes and carrots in one piece and squeezed shredder for mashed. Here you can add a little butter if desired, then the soup is even sweeter.

  Then it are subject sieved soup (through small strainer for tea would not escape that bone or shell).

  Cooked fish cleaned of bones (and skin) and cuts of meat are added to the soup. At the end of the added olive oil and chopped parsley (possibly pepper) and once more boiled slightly.

The soup is usually hot liquid food, which can be prepared from vegetable, meat, bones, fish, crustaceans, molluscs, fat, spices, salt and other ingredients cooked in water or a suitable broth. It is usually served as an appetizer.
Soup is the course of history was different meanings such as food poorer people, as breakfast, or as a warm starter in traditional meals.