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HistoryIn the eighties, Claudio Orrea, after a spell as a mechanic, is dedicated to sportswear selling to wholesalers some heads produced by him and his wife Patrizia. In 1993, closed relationships with previous clients, is launched the brand Patrizia Pepe.The first company headquarters is in Galciana, a hamlet of Prato, 7 employees occupies an area of ​​600 m². Shortly after the company moved to Capalle. In 2007 there were 250 employees on 15,000 m².With 2008 product lines include collections for women, men (since 2005), child (since 2007), underwear and beachwear. The company is present with flagship stores around the world from Russia to Japan, from the UAE to Germany. About 40% of its turnover is produced on the foreign market . The mono-brand stores, to 2008, are 83, those multi-brand in 1200.A point characterizing the company is the choice of the distribution. The clothing lines are in fact distributed through the show room (so-called diffusion or "ready to wear") where the retailer can go to buy the leaders. This distribution choice is in contrast to traditional means of product distribution medium to high fashion but was rewarding for the company that has a sell-out (sale to the end) of about 90%.For business choice woman production covers only sizes 40, 42 and 44. Only the north and east Europe is also produced a size 46.
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