naive art

Naive (primitive, original) art is the name for the art works of self-taught artists. Naive art as a separate line within the art of the 20th century occurs in many countries of Europe.
Their works emphasize the romantic concept Drava landscape and lyrical idealization of rural life.
Today, in the middle of Hlebina basic tourist attraction of this region - Gallery of naive art with paintings and sculptures of artists Hlebine circle and permanent collection of the greatest among them - Ivana Generalića. In areas gallery often hosts exhibitions of many artists, recitals and folk music performances, attractive for visitors and tourists.
Gallery Joseph Generalić supplement and enrich the wealth of naive and tourist facilities. There is an interesting small museum decorated in cottage beside Generalićevog studios - it is a collectors' collection, which depicts the life of a typical podravske rural families from the beginning of the century. In Hlebine church of St. Catherine is the Way of the Cross illustrated works of naive artists.