processing of textiles and new ideas

The applied arts are the application of design and decoration to everyday objects to make them aesthetically pleasing. The term is applied in distinction to the fine arts which aims to produce objects which are beautiful and/or provide intellectual stimulation. In practice, the two often overlap.
The fields of industrial design, graphic design, fashion design, interior design and the decorative arts are considered applied arts. In a creative and/or abstract context, the fields of architecture and photography are also considered applied arts.
Multimedia artists are contemporary artists who use a wide range of media to communicate their art. Multimedia art includes, by definition, more than one medium, therefore multimedia artists use visual art in combination with sound art, moving images and other media. The art can take the form of installation art, found objects presented in an artistic form, or kinetic sculpture, among others.

demand and the study of a variety of materials for making garments and fashion accessories




I think though this way of cutting and decorating, I wanted to have the right leather-material made from the skin of an animal by tanning or a similar process. 

someone might have instead of me used wool for felting; for now is still in the conceptual design creation and reflection*Nevertheless / no I am not of the person who is at a standstill; create artwork & applied arts..