revolutionary red

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scarlet, vermilion, crimson, ruby, cherry, cerise, cardinal, carmine, wine, blood-red, coral, cochineal, rose, brick-red, maroon, rufous, reddish, rusty, cinnamon, fulvous, damask, vermeil,
Red, rede, red wine, red pepper, red snapper, red tape, dark red, red light, red meat, bright red, red flag, deep red,redheaded, rufous, rubiginous, russet,

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Hippies (denim, T-shirts, long hair, flower power and psychedelic imagery, flared trousers)Teddy Boys (drape jackets, drainpipe trousers, crepe shoes)Punk fashion (ripped clothing, safety pins, bondage, provocative t-shirt slogans, Mohican hairstyle)Skinheads (short-cropped hair, fitted jeans, Ben Sherman button-up shirts, Fred Perry polo shirts, Harrington jackets, Dr. Martens boots)Gothic fashion (black clothing, heavy coats, poet shirts, big boots, makeup)Preppy (argyle sweaters, chinos, madras, Nantucket Reds, button down oxford cloth shirts, and boat shoes)Hip hop fashion (ultra-baggy pants, ECKO, Tribal Gear, South Pole, Avirex, FUBU, Sean Jean, NIKE)Hipster (glasses, jeans, beanies, sneakers, ties, suspenders)Growth (African-inspired clothing, rastacap, dreadlocks)Greaser (subculture) (Levis 501 jeans, T-shirts, leather jackets, sunglasses, cowboy boots or motorcycle boots, hair gel)Urban (colorful apparel, large accent jewelry, skinny jeans, jackets, T-shirts)Feminine (dresses, hats, sunglasses, hand bags, floral prints)Kawaii (tutu skirts, pastel and pink colors, anime inspirated accessories (wild hair clips, bows))