Serenades of a dreamer...

  My original footage with special effects and plugins

The increasingly rare term short subject means approximately the same thing. An industry term, it carries more of an assumption that the film is shown as part of a presentation along with a feature film. Short is an abbreviation for either term. Short films are often screened at local, national, or international film festivals and made by independent filmmakers for non profit, either with a low budget or no budget at all. They are usually funded by film grants, non profit organizations, sponsor, or personal funds. Short films are generally used by filmmakers to gain experience and/or prove their talent in order to gain funding for future films from private investors, entertainment companies, or film studios.

Through diver passages, the world's bright lamp
 Rises to mortals, but through that which joins
 Four circles with the threefold cross, in best
 Course, and in happiest constellation set
 He comes, and to the worldly wax best gives
 Its temper and impression.  Morning there,
 Here eve was by almost such passage made;
 And whiteness had o'erspread that hemisphere,
 Blackness the other part; when to the left
 I saw Beatrice turn'd, and on the sun
 Gazing, as never eagle fix'd his ken.
 As from the first a second beam is wont
 To issue, and reflected upwards rise,
 E'en as a pilgrim bent on his return,
 So of her act, that through the eyesight pass'd
 Into my fancy, mine was form'd; and straight,
 Beyond our mortal wont, I fix'd mine eyes
 Upon the sun.  Much is allowed us there,
 That here exceeds our pow'r; thanks to the place
 Made for the dwelling of the human kind

 I suffer'd it not long, and yet so long
 That I beheld it bick'ring sparks around,
 As iron that comes boiling from the fire.
 And suddenly upon the day appear'd
 A day new-ris'n, as he, who hath the power,
 Had with another sun bedeck'd the sky.
 Her eyes fast fix'd on the eternal wheels,
 Beatrice stood unmov'd; and I with ken
 Fix'd upon her, from upward gaze remov'd
 At her aspect, such inwardly became
 As Glaucus, when he tasted of the herb,
 That made him peer among the ocean gods;
 Words may not tell of that transhuman change:
 And therefore let the example serve, though weak,
 For those whom grace hath better proof in store
 If I were only what thou didst create,
 Then newly, Love! by whom the heav'n is rul'd,
 Thou know'st, who by thy light didst bear me up.
 Whenas the wheel which thou dost ever guide,
 Desired Spirit! with its harmony
 Temper'd of thee and measur'd, charm'd mine ear,
 Then seem'd to me so much of heav'n to blaze
 With the sun's flame, that rain or flood ne'er made
 A lake so broad.  The newness of the sound,
 And that great light, inflam'd me with desire,
 Keener than e'er was felt, to know their cause.
 Whence she who saw me, clearly as myself,
 To calm my troubled mind, before I ask'd,
 Open'd her lips, and gracious thus began:
 "With false imagination thou thyself
 Mak'st dull, so that thou seest not the thing,
 Which thou hadst seen, had that been shaken off.
 Thou art not on the earth as thou believ'st;
 For light'ning scap'd from its own proper place
 Ne'er ran, as thou hast hither now return'd."
 Although divested of my first-rais'd doubt,
 By those brief words, accompanied with smiles,
 Yet in new doubt was I entangled more,
 And said: "Already satisfied, I rest
 From admiration deep, but now admire
 How I above those lighter bodies rise."
 Whence, after utt'rance of a piteous sigh,
 She tow'rds me bent her eyes, with such a look,
 As on her frenzied child a mother casts;
 Then thus began: "Among themselves all things
 Have order; and from hence the form, which makes
 The universe resemble God.  In this
 The higher creatures see the printed steps
 Of that eternal worth, which is the end
 Whither the line is drawn.  All natures lean,
 In this their order, diversely, some more,
 Some less approaching to their primal source.
 Thus they to different havens are mov'd on
 Through the vast sea of being, and each one
 With instinct giv'n, that bears it in its course;
 This to the lunar sphere directs the fire,
 This prompts the hearts of mortal animals,
 This the brute earth together knits, and binds.
 Nor only creatures, void of intellect,
 Are aim'd at by this bow; but even those,
 That have intelligence and love, are pierc'd.
 That Providence, who so well orders all,
 With her own light makes ever calm the heaven,
 In which the substance, that hath greatest speed,
 Is turn'd: and thither now, as to our seat
 Predestin'd, we are carried by the force
 Of that strong cord, that never looses dart,
 But at fair aim and glad.  Yet is it true,
 That as ofttimes but ill accords the form
 To the design of art, through sluggishness
 Of unreplying matter, so this course
 Is sometimes quitted by the creature, who
 Hath power, directed thus, to bend elsewhere;
 As from a cloud the fire is seen to fall,
 From its original impulse warp'd, to earth,
 By vicious fondness.  Thou no more admire
 Thy soaring, (if I rightly deem,) than lapse
 Of torrent downwards from a mountain's height.
 There would in thee for wonder be more cause,
 If, free of hind'rance, thou hadst fix'd thyself
 Below, like fire unmoving on the earth."
 So said, she turn'd toward the heav'n her face.