Shyness Passion of the mad Max

the action hero turned into a serious actor and filmmaker, Lethal Weapon, one of the Epic Patriot with theatrical roles and avant-garde controversial project crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Mel Colm-Cille Gerard Gibson; unusual step of crossing of the action in the classical genre, playing the melancholic Danish prince. Cooperation with them is described by the words "as if you throw into the ring with Mike Tyson." He is one of the rebels and desperadoes of the National Institute of Dramatic Art,raw strong  savage character offbeat charm magnetism with piercingly blue eyes with boyish male lead role.Oscar for his great heart; Gibson 2004 he directed Passion, a film based on the last twelve hours of the life of Jesus Christ, according to the four Evangelists and the Catholic legend. The film was shot in Aramaic, Hebrew and Latin.Gibson has a reputation for practical jokes, puns, Stooge-inspired physical comedy, and doing outrageous things to shock people. As a director he sometimes breaks the tension on set by having his actors perform serious scenes wearing a red clown nose.

Gibson wrote the script with writer Benedict Fitzgerald, and I financed the movie, spending between 40 and 50 million of his own money. Filming took place in Matera, Italy and Cinecittà Studios in Rome. Before recording, Gibson at his estate in California built a Catholic chapel.Gibson and his former wife have contributed a substantial amount of money to various charities, one of which is Healing the Children. According to Cris Embleton, one of the founders, the Gibsons gave millions to provide lifesaving medical treatment to needy children worldwide They also supported the restoration of Renaissance artwork and gave millions of dollars to NIDA.Gibson donated $500,000 to the El Mirador Basin Project to protect the last tract of virgin rain forest in Central America and to fund archeological excavations in the "cradle of Mayan civilization." In July 2007, Gibson again visited Central America to make arrangements for donations to the indigenous population. Gibson met with Costa Rican President Óscar Arias to discuss how to "channel the funds." During the same month, Gibson pledged to give financial assistance to a Malaysian company named Green Rubber Global for a tire recycling factory located in Gallup, New Mexico. While on a business trip to Singapore in September 2007, Gibson donated to a local charity for children with chronic and terminal illnesses. Gibson is also a supporter of Angels at Risk, a nonprofit organization focusing on education about drug and alcohol abuse among teens.

 Gibson gained very favorable notices from film critics when he first entered the cinematic scene, as well as comparisons to several classic movie stars. In 1982, Vincent Canby wrote that "Mr. Gibson recalls the young Steve McQueen ... I can not define" star quality, "but whatever it is, Mr. Gibson has it." Gibson has also been likened to "a combination Clark Gable and Humphrey Bogart." Gibson's roles in the "Mad Max" series of films, Peter Weir's Gallipoli, and the "Lethal Weapon" series of films earned him the label of "action hero". Later, Gibson expanded into a variety of acting projects including human dramas such as Hamlet, and comedic roles such as those in Maverick and What Women Want. He expanded beyond acting into directing and producing, with: The Man Without a Face, in 1993; Braveheart, in 1995; The Passion of the Christ, and 2004; and Apocalypto, in 2006. Jess Cagle of Time Gibson compared with Cary Grant, Sean Connery, and Robert Redford. Connery once suggested Gibson should play the next James Bond to Connery's M. Gibson turned down the role, reportedly because he feared being typecast.