Stained glass templates"

"Love can not be photographed. It is invisible, is not it? The images are behavior..
                                             Pablo Picasso                                                     
product painting and works of painter
Placed on the window instead of on the wall, stained glass by itself lets the sun's rays and creates brilliant color among all painting techniques.
Painters can, but do not have to use only painting color. Paintings often contain a variety of items and / or natural materials in various combinations.
Painting Techniques
Encaustic - old painting technique, its color, associated with wax, placed a metal rod on a wooden base, on a marble or ivory plate.
Fresco - mural painting technique in fresh mortar, there is not much detail and evokes the spaciousness and grandeur.
Mosaic - which runs arranging different colored stone tiles, glazed ceramic and stained glass in a mortar base.
Watercolour - watercolor paints His providence gives breathability.
Tempera - means painting technique in which colors created by mixing colored powder (pigment) with a solution of glue and binder egg yolk or egg white, gum arabic, fig milk, vinegar, etc.
Gouache - technique visually similar tempera in which the colors are mixed with white unlike watercolors where the account on the whiteness of the paper and does not blend with white.
Collage - art technique created by gluing different and colorful materials (leather, wood, textiles, press clippings, photographs, etc.) To the surface in an effort to achieve a certain visual and meaningful whole composition.
Pastel - colored with wax sticks, it creates the impression of tenderness and sweetness.Oil paints - usually on canvas taut on a wooden frame, oil paints are suitable for imaging the smallest detail.
Acrylic - painting technique of the 20th century. Similar in its final  technique but its not bind pigments oil but water, which improves drying and colors remain permanently fresh.
Stained glass - images from pieces of colored glass. Painter - glazier called vitrajer works much like mosaic. But his pieces of glass wider than glass sticks and stones. In addition vitrajer them does not affect the wall, but is framed in lead connectors.