this way of painting*

watercolor, pencil, ink, brush and pen
Of course the author of the image, little me, whisper spark.
when someone runs out of words)I think to myself; a couple of hours we were busy with painting, hands still dirty; I hope you will like this way of painting; we started to paint with my fingers but for this technique would rather use tempera.
romantic paintings in watercolor
guiding light, strange and tired now, elements and inspiration "
"also aquarelle from French, is a painting method in which the paints are made of pigments suspended in a water-soluble vehicle. The term" watercolor "refers to both the medium and the resulting artwork. The traditional and most common support (material to which the paint is applied) for watercolor paintings is paper; other supports include papyrus, bark papers, plastics, vellum or leather, fabric, wood, and canvas. Watercolors are usually transparent, and appear luminous because the pigments are laid down in a relatively pure form with few fillers obscuring the pigment colors. Oil can also be made opaque by adding Chinese white. In East Asia, watercolor painting with inks is referred to as brush painting or scroll painting. In Chinese, Korean, and Japanese painting it has been the dominant medium, often in monochrome black or browns. India, Ethiopia and other countries also have long traditions. Fingerpainting with watercolor paints originated in China.