Cats That Look Like Pin Up Boys

#motive of rebellion and conflict
Theater of the Absurd, striving to express confusion, loneliness, anxiety and fear of modern man"
The rule of the triple unity
Strictly classical rule according to which action must flow within the three unities: the place, time and action. The unity of the place means that the action takes place in one place, the unity of time means that the action had to occur in a single, continuous time section and unity of action means no interweaving of two or more parallel activities.
The composition of the report consists of an introduction (to announce and determine the topic you are writing), plot (enter into the problem), the culmination (create tension in anticipation of the most important in the event), outcome (dismissed by the plot), the message (we finish the story).
position enabled the rest of the group to discuss ideas freely, without censorship, in general creating a more productive environment.

 The path to objectivity
Curriculum vitae or biography is a work of literature that describes the life of a man, real or imaginary. If only biography of instructions and dates of birth and death, education, business and family events, it would be business resume, but resumes encroach deeper, writing about human motives, strengths and weaknesses, problems and how people deal with them, feelings . So someone's biography can be drama, and may be a comedy, it may be instructive, and if it is dry, then resembles to business biography, biographies of saints.
"indexes" of banned books
Writing based on the use of overhead interventions to a greater extent than the other two types, there is also used the term "direct transfer" as a special form of reportage. That is rewriting only the direct, spontaneous. Because it is the most serious form of creativity because it requires immediate and spontaneous realization.
At the beginning, inclusion in the index meant a total ban on the text, but this proved impractical and impracticable, but also contrary to the objective existence of a written and well-educated people. Works with single-line that caused doubts were banned entirely, although the continued existence of such texts sounded dogma. Eventually, a compromise was reached in which it was decided that the inquisitors overpainted words, verses or whole passages of otherwise acceptable texts, thus allowing these "cleaned" publications that circulate.
optimistic belief that the science of ideas to free people from prejudice and prepare them for leadership of reason, for a society founded on rationality and Science
Witch hunt #complete superstition without any basis
Edict "grace"
After "Sunday Mass", "inquisitor" to continue to read the edict: he was explaining possible "heresy"(the result of jealousy and greed) point criticized by opponen;(concerns; ignorance -shallow way of thinking) and encouraged the congregation to come to the inquisition tribunal to
"clean conscience"
The spiral of silence or when Silence of the Lambs
 Public opinion about this science is that it is a theory which proves that the person is less willing to declare an opinion on a topic, if you feel that it is in the minority, because of fear of reprisal or isolation from the majority.The media play a big role in determining the dominant opinion, since our direct observation is limited to a small percentage of the population. When media coverage of public opinion becomes the status quo, are likely to minorities to express an opinion is small. Conversely, when a person feels that its position gains popularity, becoming larger and more likely to talk about it.Theory assumed that people constantly evaluate public opinion and the media to use for this purpose. It has also assumed that all of us have an inborn fear of separation / isolation and know what the opinion of the majority have based on that same isolation. The theory explains the (minority of the right to vote) in a way that says that there are always a few people that have less fear of isolation, calling them agents of public opinion. In addition it should be noted that this type of minority required factor changes as agreed and / lenient / harmonized most essential factor of stability, and therefore are both the product development / evolution / foundation.