Rolex Lady was time to rest and work, time to move away from the TV and the Internet, a new time for the latest inspiration and new look of my personality.
Have a great personality and a great guide for everlasting but timeless style ..I write about the way of life in a different way, what happens after each stage!
Youth and enthusiasm and I like provocative adornment with primary detail in creating a look that is constantly shifting;## No filter; a little naked person; walks on fire and feet are in ashes;You can call me Cinderella, but I'm a lady who knows with words to paint the ultimate in elegance and taste our designers ...a little shot of adrenaline#

My travel like an editor is the Big Chill without having or possessing pink sunglasses; perfect marriage of whole feeling on the island that is called life, style, writing and art; always free to try something new#
But I 'am a child of the moon; the nights are chilly and harsh, my writing is high heels and all my new word red lipstick*not ordinary but special ammunition emotion, armed to the teeth.