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terms of social maturity is emphasized that this is the person that is able to successfully adapt to different environmental changes without expressed conflict, and to accept the obligations and responsibilities to themselves, their family and community!

Striping Teens Selfies Morale! broadest sense is a form of social consciousness, a set of unwritten rules, customs, habits and norms that are accepted in the life of a community. Morale determines how human activity should be, and members of the community accept these principles as a decent and subjected them, thereby regulating human relations.
Her Big Boobs! thinking and reasoning about the world around us¨¨
OBJECTIVE: The formation of the personality capable of in the process of its development progressively changing themselves and their environment.Behavior that deviates from the stereotypes considered to be devious over-simplify things, or even completely distorting facts.Gender stereotypes - the expectations of certain quality and the typical behavior of male and female as well as representatives of two different categories, and are based on assumptions about the perceived differences between them with respect to the physical and psychological characteristics.
Dominate literary technique of direct recording thoughts, impressions and thoughts¨!The term "awareness" involves the whole human mental note of awareness by the complete rational consciousness. Continuous current-thoughts, feelings, impressions and usually unrelated ideas that form the inner life of man.
Portraits of life In order to achieve this, it was necessary to abandon the story, the narrator, character, place and time of action in the traditional sense.
Roman will be elevated and noble, it shows more internal and less external life ... It is not the task of the novelist tells us that major events, but to make us humble interesting"
no plot no fabula in the classical sense, the action moved from the outside world in man's consciousness. Events that are average, everyday (drinking morning coffee) in human consciousness triggered by the association, opening endless spaces and building unimagined worlds.
Materialists are interested in body, not spirit, writing about trivial things, invest tremendous effort trying to do the trivial and transient true and permanent, that through a fable show similarity life. However, in real life, with the ordinary man in an ordinary day, in the sense inputs billion impressions, trivial, fantastic, fleeting; etched sharpness of the blade. Writers task is to show that different, unknown and unlimited spirit, the continuous downpour of countless atoms.
standard rhetorical figures, as well as unconventional impressionistic images and symbols
General systems theory assumes that people are calculated - to connect rates and rewards of their relationship, but sometimes people are altruistic and do not expect the award; the difficulty in judging the value of cost and profit?
subjective perception and evaluation of social interventions; Impossible measure for love.It would be the beginning of a new era in the true sense of the word.
"The man is nothing more fragile than his modesty and good will."