A work of art as a social fact


 Her material is not only the carrier of its visuality, it is the carrier of its meaning.

 "But a work of art in the public space should be something different from other buildings of social mood. Although deeply immersed in
related social life, their art still manages to avoid the assumption that the work was created by the artist, one that usually presents as atypical
member of the community. The archaeological and ethnological interpretation takes into account the comments personality, originality of view, as well as first hand experience.
Subjective creativity in a specific way contributes to social reflexivity, that is, understanding of social phenomena, which in itself and create.
The critique of culture that becomes an aesthetic genre and vice versa.

Collage running through my mind ... seeks the material around the house ...
Last night was the first time in my life scraped dry water color and mixed with glue to obtain a certain medium, then we've been working my own spatula ...
modern approaches
Posted by Svjetlana Omicevic on Saturday, October 31, 2015