Bolid of the future

a prototype of the future "And for a thousand years, men will also like this sigh:" Ah, it's hard to live "- and in the same time like the same as now, he'll be terrible and will not want to die."

Theory and Practice of the martyrdom of consciousness evidence of objective reality to avoid 'traumatic stroke' your soul and emotion, take a look at your Soldiers' hearts'

introductions who we are on the road, how to teach disciplines that include climbing, jumping over obstacles, running, swinging, rolling, walking on two or four legs, how to eat without hands, General instructions how to breathe this life timeline...

Disability' is a physical or mental deficiency, which limits a person in one or more major life activities.
According to the World Health Organization, disability can cause problems regarding mobility, communication, knowledge acquisition and learning, self-care, sociability. Employment and protection of disabled persons, the creation of conditions in which they will be able to hire and train for a job reflects the civilization of society. In modern times it is a growing need in all categories of the population, because more and more disabled persons. Employment of the disabled is a social, health, economic obligations civilized community.

how not to be a participant Paralympic Games!
preconceptions are
... Opinion which strongly supports an approach, one solution, or one side of the conflict, without sufficient and balanced information and experiences related to the overall situation and with all the conflicting parties.


... Means making a difference, positive or negative between people and things. If a person is treated unfairly and to its detriment, just because they belong to a particular group of people, it is negative discrimination. Through the denial of certain rights, discrimination results in inequality, subordination and / or withdrawal of political, educational, social, economic and cultural rights.

... Means putting a person or group who are in a similar situation at a disadvantage?

 The ethics of the word humanism is learning that all social relations must be based on respect and tolerance of human nature as a specific value in every human individual. Ethical Humanism is conscious affirmation of man, that excludes all that man is alienated from himself the fact that he wants to submit to superhuman powers and the principles or exploits inhumane treatment.

What should we do? What is good to do? In what one ought to believe?
Loyalty  indicates the inner connection and expression and association through the behavior of the person, group or community. Loyalty means that the system of values with others and share the views of the community defending and then when he has a different opinion.
Loyalty is always voluntary and can be seen in the behavior towards those with enforcing the feeling connection, as well as to third parties.
Aristotle says this"Can anyone be among friends,
or only one of the righteous, and not among the wicked? There are only
a kind of friendship or more of them?
"Aristotle thus thinks:
"It will be clear, when it is understood, which is the subject of love, or what is
kindly (to phileton). I do not love everything, but only that,
as kindly or it can be the subject of love.
 This is good,
was pleasant or be useful. It is useful to it, which is achieved
a good or a joy.
 Kindly, therefore, or the subject of love
well and joy as a double purpose.
The question is, again, we love you
simply good or only what is good for us?
This fact is not
 always same.
Similarly is valid favorable. It seems that everyone loves, as
good for him. Thus the same is simply kindly, as well
simply; and kindly to someone, it is good for him.
loves what he does well, there really such or only apparent.
This does not change son things, because it will be so in the seemingly kindly.