Earth of Elohim


Divine women, the beauty of the world
and the den of pride, and irascible deer,
through the magic of your sublime blooms
the blue days, and in the black night.
And when the full rate of the holy peace
make the country a rhythm of discovery,
I suspect your heart flame of the universe,
I suspect, and have sought the secret of your being.
Each one of you was born to rule,
and to provide milk for the throne of the child;
Empress of the body, only lip Fund
and lip wishes wonder: what do you want?
Who will give me the keys to your miracles
and riddle-solving your puzzles?
What a mystery hiding your limbs
and hope that you rare statues?
Divine women, as in a dream and glory
waiting for the dawn of the righteous altar,
before your knee is bent figure,
heart, sound flame but burns.
Sunny soul, Jena fans
in vain you are harboring a criminal darkness;
pious people of your missing files,
because you are a woman between Queens.
Ujevićeva poetry presented as a challenge: the audience and our literary, poetic tradition. And this dual challenge, the two opposing signs. One of them accepted, but not because she obeys than to compete with it.The second removes disputed.Ujevic and songs recorded strong accents personal tragedy (Daily lament), expressed deep mysteries of spiritual, non-physical love (in "a medal"), sang hymns and psalmody work of the brotherhood (fraternity persons in the universe; act shackled hand) , composed of complex philosophical reflexive Orchestrations (redheaded Messiah), developed symbolic vision of space starry expanse and longing for heights (High Poplars), infatuated with the opulent (Feast of Roses) and delivering a mature, wise old age of contrition and sweeter bitter reconciliation with life as it is (Prayer for a crust of bread and a bowl of lentils; touching remarks; Hymnodia to mou somatization). Writing poetry now and rigorously closed form, now unfettered openness and free verse, always imbued with fresh radiance imagination modern intellectual and erudite, Ujevic as elusive wizard of words, remained consistently outside of literary schools and currents, to everyone at the same time different from all and even when the experience surrealist efforts penetrating beyond the mind, or when he missed in your verse grains Expressionism and Dadaism which seek the destruction of forms.
The world was suddenly a secret, and I to the world, we stood facing each other, astonished to see.