laborious madness

Might divine the horrifying or banal truth.The buzz about fury of Macbeth?
Down at that far end of the hallway, the mirror hovered,shadowing us.
We discovered (very late at night such a discovery is inevitable) that there is something monstrous about mirrors,…engage in all sorts of contradictions. systematic fragment of the entire history of an unknown planet, with its architectures and its playing cards, the horror of its mythologies and the murmur of its tongues, its emperors and its seas, its minerals and its birds and fishes, its algebra and its fire,   "brave new world" is the work of a secret guided and directed by some shadowy man of genius.

it was unknown rooms, gradual transformation of my nightmares allegorical visions in the manner of his master.Abstract  A dead man's magical memory, for
example?No one may capture..fullness of  entire past.
I knew states of happiness and darkness that transcend common human experience.
Without my realizing it, long and studious solitude had prepared me for the docile
reception of the miracle.
What to say about immortal mortal, and his art, which is unknown to the rest of the world.Absences dans l'infini.Be spontaneous, and not overly polished and
artificial (nicht allzu glatt und gekünstelt).i know how to tell my own story, which is a
great deal more extraordinary  gift to be able to transmute them into fables,  that were much more alive than the gray man who dreamed them,into verses,threatened to flood my own modest stream.

the conditions of the gift

hung up the receiver wish,every word is weighted,every word (every mark of punctuation) "tells."a quiet style, whose effects are achieved not with bombast or pomp, but rather with a single exploding word or phrase,"second identity" of the same personidentity through identification between consciousness and truth.

the Ecstasy Fate

"Then ..." I asked fearfully, "all this is a dream?"this curious prophetic dialogue that is taking place in two times and two places.The ground was cracked and sandy. In one of the cracks—which by the way were not deep,and which branched into others—I caught a glimpse of a color.I looked closely. The crevice was full of little stones, all alike,circular, just a few centimeters in diameter and very smooth. Their regularity lent them an air almost of artificiality, as though they were coins, or buttons, or counters in some game.
Knock came at my door. Instinctively fearing that I had been overheard talking to myself, I
went to the door and opened it.

for my personal "hallucinations" would be less disturbing than the discovery that the universe can tolerate disorder.
"I heard no steps, but a voice, quite close,spoke to me:"I am here."

The stones were in my right pocket. I took out one and dropped it into his cupped palm.There was not the slightest sound."You must give me all of them," he said. "He who gives not all has given nothing."

I understood, and I said:"I want you to know that my alms may be a curse."Perhaps that gift is the only gift I am permitted to receive. I have sinned."I dropped all the stones into the concave hand. They fell as though into the bottom of the sea, without the slightest whisper.
Then the man spoke again:"I do not yet know what your gift to me is,but mine to you is an awe-some one. You may keep your days and nights, and keep wisdom,habits, the world."
I did not hear the blind beggar's steps, or see him disappear into the dawn.


 "Do you truly believe that something may be turned to nothing?