unusual rarity

Fresh purchased carp

carp 100 g containing: 75.8 g of water, 18 g of protein and 4.8 g of fat. Rich in vitamins and minerals. Since vitamins consisting of vitamin A, E, B vitamins, and minerals from sodium, calcium, iron and zinc. It is rich in potassium and phosphorus.

Energy value of carp is relatively high, so that 100 g of the edible part contains 531 kJ or 127 kcal.

Freshwater fish, and other marine fish, crustaceans and molluscs is a group of precious foods in many regions of the world serve as the sole source of protein and other nutrients. Significantly differ from other foods by specific smell, polyunsaturated fat content of long chain (ie. The omega-3 fatty acids), easily digestible proteins of high biological value and high content of rare minerals, especially iodine and selenium,It should be noted that the human body does not have the enzyme that breaks down the double bonds of fatty chains larger than 10 carbon atoms, which means that they must be regularly administered with food, because they can not themselves produce in the organism. These fatty acids are essential to metabolism and essential to good Health.

of course a tribute to clean fish belongs hostess or host



amount depends on the household members; the rest is stored in a deep freezer

one serving

mashed sweet potato

carp on my way 

Of course I forgot to talk about the line on the plate, of course, not talking about the decorative aesthetics, but the ingredients that I included in my recipe ..
sweetpotato why this is the second time I use it in my kitchen; I'm talking about the habit of using ordinary potatoes with the addition of a lot of salt.

Of course not ended with the description; familiar with the taste of sweet potatoes and we wanted to add something a little sharp to give a certain flavor to the palate;fried vegetables (onions, fresh peppers, tomatoes with the addition of a little hot peppers) together we have the fullness of taste.

But the only really important in the matter of diet is: daily intake a sufficient amount of nutrients so that the body (the body) is maintained in
a healthy condition.Feeding the body  studies the relationship between man and food and implications arising from that relationship and reflect the sociological, psychological, physiological and biochemical aspects. It is based on the basic principles of chemistry and biochemistry, biology and microbiology, physiology and anatomy and genetics.
Of course that came to me as a man of conditioning issues, hanging out with different people ..Food, religion, philosophy "Research shows that limited food intake and periodic fasting beneficial effect .
duty precedes value and is independent of them. Virtue ethics in turn puts at the center of virtue and character and seeks answers to the questions "How to live?", "What kind of person to be?".Of course understanding of many processes in modeling of the genetic potential of an individual.
 The term of the food chain is called the ecology and ecotoxicology linear energy transfer of foodstuffs from a population of organisms to the next, ie, when one population that feeds which at the chain precedes.