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This is briefly caught a small device on my phone, we had a deal and walk was short and quick.

Osječka Tvrđa ( The Fortress )is a baroque town-fortress of the 18th century, by the transformation of the current older historic town which stood at a key strategic crossing of the river Drava. The first is a new city-fortress built in the great strategic system Baroque fortified towns on the border with the Ottoman Empire, which is from 1712, conceived and built by Prince Eugene of Savoy.

Tvrđa was among the 18th and 19th centuries was a multi-ethnic city. It was populated locals and immigrants from Styria, Carniola, Bavaria, Moravia, Italy, France, Hungary, Bulgaria. Foreign immigrants learn Croatian, but the official languages were Latin and German. Some of the merchant family spoke modern Greek and Italian and French, as well as the Fort has the feature of an international city with more languages.

Streets Fortress emerged as planned, and their names have shown the existence of military facilities (Kasarnicka, Vojarnička, Provianska) and the concentration of turnover (Glass, surveying, Crafts, etc.).

The square is triangular in shape and it is dominated by the parish church of St. Michael, built between 1725 and 1748 on the site of the destroyed Kasim-Pasha mosque. The layout design shows a one-nave structure with two turrets in front. The facade of the church is divided into five surfaces ie. Two turrets and triple gable characteristic for Baroque (Fenstergiebel). An interesting detail in the church are two towers with domes like bows head (Zwiebeldach).

Next to the Church. Michael is an older Jesuit monastery in which for some time in the 18th century, while located and Jesuits lectured there as professors and Classical Gymnasium. Abolition of the Jesuit Order in 1773 the monastery was turned into a barracks.
Il ponte famoso d'Essek
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