Ecstasy tenants peripherals

Do not be afraid, you are not alone! There are other than you
who unknown to you live your life.
And what all you fleeing, and you'll decrease
burning in them the same passion, beauty and purity.
Do not be proud! Your thoughts are not yours alone! One of the others live.
We all crossed the same paths in the dark,
We are all just wandering in the sign
search, and equally admire.
Each time you share something, the more you're the same.
I remember it was so from time immemorial.
And they all repeat, and big and clean,
As children they do not know yet even their names.
And force us, and the sins of others with us share.
And decrease our own from common sources.
And the food is our soul from our general bowls,
and selfish is one seal in the middle of the forehead.
We stand man against man, in knowledge
that we are all better, mutual, all of tmusa,
and our blood, and defeat all, at the time of slaughter,
Again, only one history of souls.
It's terrible to say this in your ear pride,
but very happy for desperate happiness,
that we are all the same in wickedness and joy,
and that our fate burden rests on the shoulders.
I am a stranger there, and the star
distant, allocate, and here in one thread,
in the flower absent, break into the world as the rides,
So when I will still be there in my be?
I am still me, and determine when I'm gone,
I sacrificed a spike from the top of the mass;
the universe! I live and die at all;
I persist in the nameless brothers.
Croatian Review, 1932nd