filled with tears

tempera techniques,the latest, sad but refreshing with the symbol
Posted by Svjetlana Omicevic on Tuesday, November 17, 2015
tempera painting is opaque covering colors. It must not paint it on thick, because then peeling and cracking. Due to its opacity and completely covered properties can paint layer on layer, which previously painted as desired can be covered. Therefore, it is less sensitive than watercolors and painting it easier than watercolor. Tempera paint can be uniformly higher plane, therefore suitable for decorative molding and design in the field of applied arts, such as the development of conceptual design of equipment books, packaging, stage design solutions, posters etc. shaping the surface color (everything produced art painting) Painting is a process where something causes of pigment and glue on the surface (surface) creates an image. Surfaces and painting techniques are different: eg. Surface of the wall corresponds techniques frescoes, wooden board or canvas - tempera, oil paint, paper - watercolor, tempera, gouache, etc. Painting is the assumption drawing, a basic means of expression of his colors and surfaces (visual arts). However, unlike the photographs, the artist has a greater design freedom and artistic expression, ie. Can alter the shape and color of each character, space, or their relationships, and even create a fantasy that does not exist.