fly and wants

Sometimes the soul of fly and wants to meet with the music, this music is not for the mass media, resulting in certain moments of creation and my inspiration, of course we all listen to different music, we have a a different taste ..but this is only one message for creation through our creators..a lot of people want to work with music and live out of it, I can only express through it ..
I do not record albums, is not for sale.

Music is an art whose medium is sound that we organize in time and space, mainly through a planned and deliberate, although there are other ways. Music is an art that enriches tons whim of man, be a sense of order and beauty, and thus idealized and characterized by different nations. The creation, performance which occurred, importance, and sometimes very definition of music vary depending on the culture and social aspects. The music can be divided into genres and subgenres, but their boundaries and connections sometimes depend on the personal interpretation.