paint to a piece


 a contemporary art


The most crucial part of a glass painting is its outline, as it will define the design

unique artistic product

little traditional folklore in my design


Steps and techniques

 You could choose a clear or tinted glass, according to what will suit your design best
Cleaning the glass is necessary to avoid any dirt, fibres or greasy material on the glass as they can make the outline smudgy on coming in contact with the outlining tube or paint

of course it is not easy, to be an artist, and physical and mental weariness, cartwheel the large size # being rotated by hand or with a stick ... and the other holding a brush and a fast-drying paint and must reflect the rapidly

This is the old porcelain, smooth surface to which it is difficult to apply anything new, it was the old white surface with floral motifs and gold plated but I wanted to change something and make something out of breath and antiquity

We used matte black and caught in the oven and then we used gold contour paste for getting interesting details to my original way

Unique my design

double painted objects from the front and back;

My way of seeing and painting
experience and training ... heavy footsteps .. through advice