poetic melancholy of autumn"

ordinary characters fates, people separated from the rest, divine or bestial, vibrant and dropped to his knees deepest grief

Now I'm searching every lonely place,Shadows come with the pain ,from the list of the things I've done..temporarily painful and depressing, sometimes thoughtful and nostalgic, a state of mind. It is a purely subjective mood that can be transferred to the objective world, and we can talk about "melancholy sunset" or "melancholy autumn";This image was created from my hands, brush strokes and pen, has undergone a metamorphosis, sketch existed but for me it is constantly changing;double-edged feeling that constantly provides food itself, in which the soul enjoys her loneliness, but in that satisfaction again becomes more aware of his loneliness": "joy in sorrow", "sadly joy" or "sad grandeur", modern melancholy mood that is essentially enhanced self-awareness, since the ego that around which revolve the sphere of joy and sorrow

in a special relationship with Saturnin the gap between art and divine creation, the other as an illustration of Plato's dialogue on beauty, where angelic melancholy is an inability to define absolute beauty ..

It can be said that someone "that day melancholic". The attribute "melancholy" can now be transmitted from person to object that inspired this mood, one can speak of a melancholy spaces, melancholy light, melancholy notes or melancholic landscapes. Such a view of the melancholy primarily develops into the type of literature (in poetry, in narrative poetry, in prose romances) that perceives and represents human sensibilities as something that has value in itself.Emerged from the strange dualism of a tradition dying and spontaneous and intense personal expression of deep sadness individual. It was an "unlimited" in the sense of something immense and indeterminate, and it therefore did not satisfy the pleasure of contemplation and immersion in himself, but was looking for the strength of direct understanding and exactness of a precise language with the purpose to "understand" themselves.