artists have their prescience

direction that tends to clear expression of form, line and color and thematic vagueness
We took a little break, even Muse have their muses, as well as moments of silence rather than brainstorming*
go to today's story, or at least a story last couple of days, probably the one upstairs "called the creator wanted to take a breath and get some rest ..preoccupied with the material existence and had neither the time, nor did see the point, for research of pure spirit and emotions,
and now as I write this text, thoughts wander while someone and trying to whisper in his ear and realize all my directions of Arts and aspiration..
Welcome to my humble abode; image not show any content but field painter body that leaves a mark, a mark becomes content - work.
It was a little housekeeping, baking bread, and Christmas decorations;commitment to objectivity and credibility of displaying and describing the factual reality and reveals the legality of the society.
My latest artistic composition, formed a half hour ago;
Encaustic, acrylic paint and collage but with textile

choice of color background dark shades of dark colors, acrylic gold, white and blue;textiles with a particular theme
Plans were different, but there are times...