changes in the poetics of art

Glass is mostly amorphous silica. Due to its characteristics it is relatively hard, inert, transparent and biologically inactive, has a very wide use in modern times.
my paintings on glass
Glass is a material that is not found in nature. Although known and used since ancient times and today is an indispensable material in everyday life. Glass is made by melting the basic raw materials: silica sand, soda and lime. Pure silicon dioxide has a melting point of 1700C, and would be highly uneconomical to melt it at that temperature. The basic raw material is added to the glass waste (about 30%), because it has a lower melting point than the basic raw materials, and increases the speed of fusing (melting). This saves about 32% energy
In parallel with the development of techniques of making glass have been developed and techniques of painting enamel, engraving, grinding, applied decorations and relief applications and decorations with recesses and granulation.