personal adornment


concept Modernist jewelry / wearable art

The first necklace made  on this way, designed and made by the same person
our badge and we wore it proudly. It celebrated the hand of the artist rather than the market value of the material."
liberal, intellectual extreme of the middle class, supported modern art
design and style" new necklace, my fingers are still dirty from paint.We started today to dig through boxes with various treasures that have not yet come fully into view, and then I knew it it's a lot of work "elements to sort and find their meaning.I know only that it is invested a lot of time, something that can be born again and turn into something unique.I know that with a little advice, life experience, my hands and with a particular tool can create a lot of different miracles..
The materials of modernist jewelry - organic and inorganic non-precious substances
(These are written by experts)
This writes a mere mortal (I kid)
all that man and the world creates has a

sense ;Now we're talking about
Science..learn and create, recycle, we lose and getting
.The theory of evolution is one of the cornerstones of modern science of
biology-linear approach flows of energy and matter
in ecosystems.Chemistry (Greek: χημεία chimeía; Old French: alchemy, Arab al-kimia: the art of transformation, once hr. LUCB) is a science that studies the structure, properties, composition and conversion of substances. Chemistry deals with the chemical elements and compounds, which are composed of atoms and molecules, as well as their relations
.Mathematics (from the Greek Mathematica - science) is exact (accurate, unambiguous) science that studies the axiomatically defined abstract structures using
mathematical logic.Mathematics arises wherever they appear serious problems related to the size, structure, space and change
.History and history (Etim. Ἱστορία from the Greek, history, investigation or information, knowledge obtained in the research, from the verb ἱστορεῖν, explore) in the Croatian language is colloquial sometimes used to refer to a previous reality (Lat. Res gestae: worksbut now largely dominates history. In technical terminology, they mean two different things: the history of the past reality and the history of humanistic science that studies the reality. Related science that studies her on the basis of written materials referred to as historiography. Scientists investigating human history called the historian.
History may include only human past, as a whole or from the dawn of civilization (what precedes history is ancient history or prehistory). You talk about history in a broad sense, encompassing not only human history but also the history of the Earth or the universe
.Infinity (symbolic \ pi, English: infinity) comes from the Latin word Infinitas, which means "unlimited". Refers to the number of different concepts in mathematics, philosophy and theology, associated with the idea of infinity, or the existence of the number or size greater than any other.
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