Taj Mahal

(Poem of the temple of art)
concrete jungle
  Do you know that my words turned into brush strokes and colors on my work
glass of my feelings
thoughts are rivers that lead me.
frozen alive in the valley
Black outside
 lights inside
made of sand
attach with cement
existing in a material
 or physical form; real or solid; not abstract.
from a mixture of broken stone
a heavy, rough building material .
skeleton of the iron rods
elastic, vibrating
sanding into the living rock.
a maximum  glazed where it should be.
devoid of all superfluous.
vertical mirrored facade.
inside, forming a beautiful (divine) play of light.
imagination of the architect
Ionic temple from the 6th century.
pillar imitation grace  beauty of women.
wears the crown cornice carrier of curtains.
of ivory and ebony, gold and precious stones.
the golden tip for the mausoleum.
                                                     Svjetlana-author 2015.
an artist who is in architecture introduced the most personality;
collaborated personally every little detail on all structures.
new colors in the light temple
painted with gold, brown, beige, black and white