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Starigrad is located in the northwestern part of the Zadar County, and in northern Dalmatia. Resorts municipality stretch along the twenty kilometers of the Adriatic coast, and it overlooks the Velebit Mountain, on whose southern slopes of Paklenica National Park. This area as a whole is in a protected natural environment because Velebit, together with its coast since 1981 has the status of the park prirode.Zbog carbonate structure, characterized by an abundance of hydrological and geo-morphological forms and phenomena. Manita and Jama Vodarica most famous speleological sites. The highest mountain of Velebit is Vaganski peak (1757 m), followed by Sacred Hill (1752 m) and Babin peak (1723 m). The area is under the influence of sub-Mediterranean and mountain climate which affects the diversity of vegetation and its changes with altitude. In Paklenica prevailing karst landscapes with low vegetation and beech forest. Are represented by white and black hornbeam and black pine in the area of ​​the national park. The vegetation is abundant herbs (sage, fennel, mint, scream, St. John's wort), endemic and relict species.

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