add slices of lemon

a little strange story; something through pictures something through words ..
Let's start with the story of water or fluid around two liters that we need to perfect Health.
The water is clear, colorless liquid that forms the rivers, lakes, oceans and rain on Earth, and one of the basic components of all living beings. As a chemical compound, water molecules contain one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms, which are bonded by a covalent bond. Water is a liquid at standard conditions of temperature and pressure, but the earth is often found in its solid state, ice, and in its gaseous state, steam.
The human body contains from 55% to 78% water, depending on the size of the bodyIn order to live a normal life, one must have an intake of one to seven liters of water per day to avoid dehydration. The exact amount of water depends on the activity, ambient temperature, humidity and other factors. Most of the water in the organism enters the body via food or beverages that contain water. It is not clear exactly how much water is needed for healthy people, although many scientists agree that this amount is around 2 liters (6-7 cups) of water a day, which is the minimum to maintain adequate hydrationMedical literature recommends slightly lower input, usually about 1 liter of water for the average man, not counting the additional needs due to fluid loss during exercise, hard work or warm weather.
Here begins my story two days ago, we cooked tea about 2 Litree filled bottle to keep your body accustomed to insufficient fluid intake, I looked at the bottle, and that amount of liquid was repulsive to me...What has changed, as soon as we add slices of lemon and a little sugar and a certain temperature water-we were able to bring all of the liquid would be nice to share experiences; these are still winter time;rules and habits "experience people like me.

People can drink far more water than they need it while you perform difficult tasks or exercise, but it can put them at risk of water intoxication (hiperhidratacije), which can be fatal.   The common opinion is that people should consume eight glasses of water every day no real basis in scienceSimilar misconceptions exist in terms of the effects of water on weight loss and constipation ("sentence").

it's cold outside, snow, snow and snow...

taken a couple of seconds original weather report
Of course we have cut in half the storyshe has a tool, jewelry, pet,and...
and this miracle we entered into the living room

cool from my kitchen