Diamond Rifflers

Challenges art and techniques of expression


Sometimes we are more than hyper productive and hyperactive;
but at the same time while when we created;for now it's all in the love of art,my resources forces spend more than others..
my suitcase for cosmetics; a little ridiculous name
until the we we do a little half-naked, without makeup and unglamorous.
somewhat in layman's terms and dirty hands;committed to work.
 this box, something necessary
we have to fill knowledge and additional parts for making various Materials
Whether you are aware that in spite of certain Machines materials can be  and must be processed manually with hand tools for fine and coarse processing.
stone, glass, wood, ceramics ..
Artwork design
practice of incising a design onto a hard, usually flat surface, by cutting grooves into it..
The result may be a decorated object in itself.